Meet Rach

Rach is the founder & CEO of RachForADay. With her membership and programs, she has given creators and business owners their freedom back: to be creative, to connect with others & ultimately change their lives.

But it wasn't always like that. Rach used to be terrified of social media, happy writing online anonymously, until she started posting 'just for fun'. Combined with her extensive organic marketing knowledge, she went from 0 to over 100k followers in 6 months across her platforms.
She can't wait to see you experience that same level of confidence!


Unfulfilled in law school, Rach found her passion for marketing and content creation in 2020. She became professionally certified in Google Analytics and Google Ads, but organic marketing won her over. Rach now works as an SEO digital marketing specialist helping new startups hit the ground running with a coordinated brand marketing strategy.


Rach specialises in technical SEO and content marketing. She integrates her knowledge of all things organic into social media visibility, from keyword optimization to digital PR. A branding expert, Rach has merged the world of personal branding and brand management to offer her services to small-scale creators and established businesses alike.