AI Alchemy

The Ultimate AI Workshop for Content Creators

Transform Your Content into Pure Gold

Are you exhausted of wasting hours coming up with ideas for posts that get 3 likes?

Do you stare at people posting 5 times a day, going viral every time, like how the f*ck do they do it?!

I’m not gonna sugarcoat it: that is an awful vibe that is contaminating all your content and will make you wanna burn your socials to the ground (the same thing happened to me).


Now I’m on the other side: posting on Instagram, TikTok, Youtube and Pinterest daily, working a 9-5, running two side businesses, plus traveling any chance I get. My secret is simple, and free: AI.


Hell yeah, I’m sharing it with you. Because you deserve to actually enjoy content creation and more people need to see what amazing ideas you have to share.


You ready? Here’s how you’re gonna create killer content that’s unique to you and your personal brand using AI, whilst sounding authentic and NOT spending even more hours staring at your screen…

Presenting AI Alchemy

The ultimate AI for content creation workshop, made for content creators who want to learn how to use AI to get some time back in their schedules, automate a sh*t ton of boring tasks, and play around with an amazing computer-genius best friend (no, not me, ChatGPT).

AI Alchemy hits different

Let’s jump onto the goodies! Here’s what I guarantee you’ll come out of this workshop knowing:


  • How to use AI to spark your creativity and generate new content ideas: When done right, AI can help you overcome writer’s block, creative blocks (and any other block you can think of!) while coming up with fresh and exciting ideas. But you need the right prompts to do it – and that’s exactly what you’ll get.
  • How to create content that matches your personal brand and messaging: In AI Alchemy, you’ll learn how to use AI to create high-quality content made with your own voice and style – instead of whatever robotic useless stuff ChatGPT is currently throwing your way. From writing your bio to answering emails and DMs – you will generate content that feels like you.
  • How to craft AI prompts that create engaging captions, posts, and stories in seconds: Content creation can be really time-consuming and posting content regularly that engages your followers ain’t always that easy. Inside AI Alchemy you’ll learn how to create posts that build you a strong online presence and help you achieve your social media goals in half the time.
  • How to use AI-generated content to supercharge your own goals: AI can do so much more than just give you ideas or act like a cheap copywriter. And you don’t need to be a tech wizz to boost it. I’m showing you how to turn AI into your personal assistant, business partner and social media agent in just a few clicks.

Full disclosure? I have never been good with tech stuff (ask me what a RAM is and I’ll give you a spicy answer) but AI was creeping up so I jumped headfirst. In a couple of months, I developed skills 99% of creators and business owners would kill to have. All because I moved fast and learned it from its baby stages.


That’s what I want to do for you: teach you the basics so you can feel like a badass when it comes to AI and be able to keep up with whatever comes next.

Right now you have a choice:


Stick with your current processes and slowly dwindle like Blockbuster,

or hop in now and build yourself up to Netflix-level boss mode.


Which one do you choose?

The Deets

Master the Art of Prompt Creation and Transform Your Content into Pure Gold

Live Group Workshop

2-hour virtual workshop with expert Rach. Participants will learn the ins and outs of AI content creation, and will leave with a solid understanding of how to incorporate AI prompts into their content strategy.


Access to our private community of content creators and fellow participants.


Lifetime Access to the recorded sessions for future reference and review.

Content Prompt Templates BONUS

Expert plug-and-play prompts to assist you in AI-powered content creation and optimization techniques.


Looking for an upgrade? How about up-leveling to the Personal Content Catalyst*?

This is a one-on-one strategy session with Rach to create a personalized AI-powered content creation plan and process for your eyes only.

*limited availability

Wait, who's Rach again?

Hey, I’m Rach – Content creator mentor, social SEO expert and the geek who spends 5+ hours a day playing with AI so I can show you exactly how to make it work for you and save you a load of time in basically any task you can think of.


I’ve used AI to create viral digital PR campaigns, kickstart a YouTube kids channel, generate business offers,  and streamline a lot of the social media processes that were sucking the creative soul out of me. 


Listen, you’re a creator, meaning you really need space in your head to let amazing gusts of inspiration strike and be able to play with it to stand out from the crowd. AI is just a handy tool that opens up the space for you to do just that. And I can’t wait to show you how!

Last minute questions?

I can give you a whole speech about how AI is the future and if you don’t hop in now. But I won’t.


Instead, I’m gonna tell you this: your social media presence is your brand, so investing in anything that boosts your social media is investing in your business and creating exponential future returns.


This workshop is where you learn how to create content that sets you apart from the competition and attracts more followers in a fraction of the time it usually takes you, while putting you in a perfect position to monetize your social media audience if/when you choose to. 


So the right question isn’t ‘Can I afford it?’, but rather: Can you afford not to?

Listen, we both know that with the rise of AI there will be even more crappy content swirling around social media made by lazy people. Which is good, it means people will beg for high-quality social media content more and more in the coming years.


By choosing to improve your AI content creation skills now, you’ll be miles ahead of everyone else, already saving time and in a much better position to keep up with any changes AI throws your way.

Joining the workshop is the only investment you’ll need!


Just make sure you sign up for a free ChatGPT account (or any other version of chat-based AI) and you’ll be able to follow along.

Oh, and any other tools or software mentioned in AI Alchemy will also be free unless stated otherwise.