Content Attraction Program

Where you make money posting the content you love

Content Monetisation Strategy For You

There has NEVER been a better time to be a content creator

The social media world is changing – it’s time you change too

Monetising your social presence puts the power back in YOUR hands

This dream can be hard to achieve though, without the proper guidance

Welcome to the Content Attraction Program


For the content creators ready to build a thriving personal brand that makes bank!


But let’s be real: making money from your content is not as easy as snapping your fingers and see the dollars roll-in (I wish that was the case!)


If you’re new to monetising your platform, you’ll be wasting hours sending bland pitch emails or getting offered 5-dollar-gifted products for posts.


Meanwhile, there’s creators out there buying cars, houses, traveling everywhere – but what about YOU?


You’ve been wasting time making content with nothing to show for it – you can’t live your life like that and you know it!


Being a content creator who wants to make money on social media is hard, exhausting and makes you dizzy trying to find the *right* way to get paid!


But it’s not impossible!

What if you could get highly paid for being you?


So you can…

  • Have an aligned monetization strategy that bends to your schedule & supports your dreams (not the other way around)
  • Create additional income streams to make your big dreams a reality. Oh, and have profit flowing into your bank account monthly!
  • Have the freedom to go anywhere, do anything, without being worried about taking time off work? You making your own schedule, choosing who you want to work with and everything working for you.

The Content Attraction Program gives you every tool you need to go from $0 to getting paid to post what you love on social media.


It’s time to get paid for all your hard work – this is the fast track to get clients knocking, making a real impact & living the life of you were always destined for.

You Could Be Next

The CA Program is Unique


The Content Attraction Program is the first of its kind that…

  • Is for content creators at all stages: those at 0 who want to start building their social presence with the goal of monetising it, those who want to expand their social media content to start selling and those who are doing ‘all the right things’ but still can’t get money in the bank.
  • Uses a search-based approach to social media: what makes the CA Program different is that it teaches you fundamental search-based skills (along with key content marketing strategies) to make your social content reach and convert your ideal followers into fans & BUYERS
  • Focuses on results & well-being: the social media monetisation process can be overwhelming, that’s why the Content Attraction system includes the same strategies that helped Rach go from zero to 200k combined followers across four social platforms in her first year online, whilst founding & running her business plus working a regular 9-5, without burning out.

CA Program Deep Dive

What’s inside this 8-week intensive coaching to blow up your notifications AND your bank account!

Kicking off with the Clarity trainings: a walk through the portal and program first steps, along with the first resources for getting mastering your social media persona, style and overall brand direction. We get clear clear on who you are, who your personal brand is & let go of old myths that have been holding you back!

Next, the Visibility trainings: Time to get your socials up and running, Your content is a reflection your brand. So we’re going to: 

  • Set up your socials for success from the ground up (we’re talking bio, brand colours, your story, and more)
  • Define the ideal audience that will like you, follow you and BUY from you
  • Make your content visible to that audience with a signature social SEO approach – so you can keep getting views & making money from content you posted months ago!
  • Create a repeatable framework so your social media strategy comes together easily & you can focus on expansion.

Heading into phase 3, the Expansion trainings: time to make money through your content!

  • We start with your monetisation options (aka what do you want to sell) and how to create your offers from the ground up
  • We’ll help you easily build a backend framework for sales (from website setups to payment processing & tracking, plus all the technical details you need to succeed)
  • Wrapping up with setting the launch schedule for promoting your offer – let’s make content that sells!

The program also includes:

  • Unlimited access to exclusive templates, trainings and strategy resources, accompanied by group Q&A calls, so you can get all your questions answered, even the ones you didn’t know you had.
  • Individual calls with Rach to devise a sustainable content strategy based on your goals. Plus, in the moment support: what you need when you need it.

I know what it's like...

When I started on social media, I was doing it for fun – but in the back of my mind I knew more was possible!


Soon enough I was devoting endless nights strategizing, applying all my years of marketing knowledge to social media content, trying to be the most successful creator possible.


It wasn’t long before I decided to investing in a program that could give me more. And let me tell you – there are a lot of programs out there teaching creators how to get brand deals, but not how to build your own personal brand and make money from multiple streams that align with you!


So I took matters into my own hands. Today, I’ve built my platforms to hundreds of thousands, featured in some of the biggest magazines in the world and became the 10k mentor.


But the best part of all – I get to support you through this journey, the easy way. I can’t wait to welcome you to the Content Attraction Program!

Is The CA Program Right For You?

YES if you …

  • Are a content creator ready to use social media to create a lifestyle where you can explore your unlimited potential
  • Are serious about getting results and want to do the work to have a social media strategy that matches your time and resources 
  • Are ready to enjoy creating content and build a personal brand that allows you to serve others while taking charge of your income

NO if you …

  • Are interested in applying content creation in a personal context, not a professional one (in which case the Creator Catch-Up Membership might be the best place to start)
  • Are expecting overnight results but don’t show up or trust the process
  • Already have a social media strategy in place that is delivering the conversions you want (Great!  You already have what the program delivers)

We build an empire from 0 – your way!

What To Expect


Value £4’600



Value £2’400



Value £18’000


Value £2’000+ 



Value £6’000+





We limit all program calls to 1 hour, these occur minimum 5 times throughout the program duration.

We pride ourselves on setting big goals with realistic expectations and we extend that to you.

Yes. 1:1 calls are available bi-weekly (4 in total) where we overhaul your social media strategy and create a tailormade framework for you.

The Rach For A Day team is  also available to help you navigate the program continuously and provide you with the support you need, including bi-weekly live group Q&A calls (4 in total), Mighty Networks support and content feedback upon request. 

Rach deep dives into your current systems to build an online presence that support your goals, whether that is launching a new business on socials from 0, personal brand building with the goal of monetisation or going beyond followers and working towards increasing website traffic and sales.

 We know the Content Attraction works if you implement the strategies in place and commit to trusting the process. Please thoroughly reference our refund policy in our Terms & Conditions before enrolling, or contact us at 


We want you to be fully satisfied with the program, but we also want to ensure you have given the program a fair shot and have used your best effort to apply the methods and strategies we teach. 

This is an application only program with limited available spots.

We work on a first-come, first-serve basis.

We do not maintain a waitlist due to the number of applicants we receive.