Content Kickstarter Guide

My exact roadmap that takes you from wasting time

on posts that don’t perform to getting your first 1000 loyal fans

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Do you find yourself checking your analytics as soon as you post?

Wishing, hoping this post is going to be the one that goes viral?

And then nothing. The views stop at less than 100 (400 if you’re lucky)

You’re feeling more discouraged as the days go past and having less and less time for creating content.


You’re not alone.


I’ve spent the last 6 months gathering all my content marketing expertise and my personal social media SEO experience to create this updated step-by-step guide.


So you can go from freaking out over your analytics to getting consistent views and followers.


IT’S YOUR TIME to make show-stopping posts that grow your social media following easily

Creating data-driven content that users already want to see is the first step to connecting with your audience and turn viewers into followers (without spending hours trying complicated strategies).


The Content Kickstarter Guide is a deep dive into data-driven audience connection following the 3 Rs method:

Research, Record, Reshare.


Featuring never before seen tutorials, trainings, templates and worksheets.




Content Kickstarter Guide

Helping content creators with no time, create posts that get hundreds of views and followers with a simple 3-step framework


Let’s take a look at what’s inside

With my secret optimisation strategy for content research, you’ll get ideas fast that your ideal followers are already searching for and make them come to you for answers.

Get your audience to stop the endless scroll and stick around to hear you!

With customizable templates for video scripts that get views and guidance for growing an account filled with engaging followers.

Get more views without doing any extra work. This is the step by step resharing process you need to increase visibility and reach.

So your followers can find you anywhere!

I’m not holding back and I’m not keeping secrets.

This is designed to walk you through tried-and-true strategies for explosive visibility.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Create posts that are packed with value.
  • Never get stuck without content ideas or inspiration.
  • Know exactly what to say (and how to say it) to hook viewers for the long run.
  • Generate video content without hesitation.
  • Create and share social media content quickly with a simple process.
  • Convert the right viewers who want what you’re giving.

Due to the digital nature and immediate access of this product, all purchases are final sale and are non refundable.


The kind of knowledge inside the Guide is worth hundreds of pounds and countless hours of research. 

But I’m committed to give you strategies that work at an accessible price. 

That’s why, for a limited time only, I’m offering the Content Kickstarter Guide plus access to the exclusive RachForADay creator network.


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