Grow your social media while posting about what you love.

An immersive training experience to build your personal brand and get visible on social media

Tired of posting constantly with no results?

Even though you’re passionate and creative, the excitement is going down.

Your socials aren’t growing consistently and you’re getting overwhelmed.

Nothing seems to be working

Wait! You can see consistent growth whilst posting about what you love!


What if you could get a step-by-step strategy walking you through everything you need to start creating content that gets views, engagement and followers?


So you can finally

  • Have a posting schedule that you can follow easily
  • Get followers that actually engage with your content
  • Start making the algorithm work FOR YOU. 

The Creator Catch-Up is an active membership that supersizes your growth and gets you excited about posting again! 

What's Inside

1. Coaching for social media optimisation including search ranking, personal strategy building and audience clarity. So you can create posts faster that get views and followers!

2. Weekly content plan and upcoming trends so you know exactly what to post Monday to Friday, and can create around your schedule, because you deserve to grow easily.

3. Access to exclusive templates and strategy resources, along with any platform updates that you need to know about so you stay ahead of the curve.

4. Live monthly group mentorship with Rach based on what you need. You have the option to request a training at any time and Rach will answer your questions live with what will work for your account.

You don’t have to do this alone! Access a group of amazing creators that understand your struggles and support your wins, plus keep you accountable in your journey to social media success.

This Could Be You

Waiting For You in the Membership

The Creator Catch-Up Membership Training Suite, including 27 training modules 

This is your secret weapon for starting or growing the social media platform of your dreams. Dozens of creators have used this proven, step-by-step process to increase their views and likes, expand their community, and double or even triple their following.


(£2,000 Value)

In-The-Know Content

Ever wondered why some creators seem to always know what’s up? With daily links to sounds that are currently trending, content ideas aligned with what your audience is wanting to see along with hacks, tips and platform updates, inside the Creator Catch-Up Membership you’ll always be on top of current events so you can shift strategy accordingly.


(£3,000+ Value)

Lifetime Access to The Creator Catch-up Membership Resources


An expanding list of exclusive resources full of tangible action steps and exercises that will blow the lid off your progress and launch you into forward motion.


(£1,000 Value)

Exclusive Members-Only Deals


Inside the Membership, you’ll receive access to the viral Content Kickstarter Guide for gaining your first thousand loyal followers, along with exclusive early-bird deals on new RachForADay offers.


(£4,000+ Value)


Creator Catch-Up Laptop Case


If you pay-in-full for the Creator Catch-Up Membership, you will receive an EXCLUSIVE Creator Laptop Case for free, so you can carry the confidence of being a leader on social media who makes power-house content any time you sit down to create. 

You deserve this!


(£50 Value)



Hey there, I’m Rach, better known as RachForADay. In under a year I built a social media following from absolute zero to over 100 thousand.


I’ve gotten tired of seeing ‘experts’ sharing outdated strategies, and then blaming their client’s mindset for lack of results.


That’s why I’m giving you all the advanced strategies and industry secrets so you can get the exact steps to:

  • Blow up on socials fast
  • Attract the ideal following
  • Make content that is exciting to create and gets results!

Is The Membership Right For You?

YES if you …


  • Are a new content creator or want to start taking content creation seriously and are ready to take the action needed to see results
  • Are excited about creating social media content you love on platforms that you actually like showing up on (and where your ideal follower is)
  • Are growing a business online and want to use social media to promote it in a way that matches your time and resources
  • Want to get updated strategies of what is working right now to supercharge your growth

NO if you …


  • Want a stagnant program or course. We launch new trainings consistently along with monthly group calls, weekly content ideas and daily updated trends
  • Don’t work well in a self-paced environment and require constant 1:1 attention (the Content Attraction Program might be best for you)
  • Are expecting overnight results but don’t show up or trust the process
  • Are already growing at a rapid pace and have a social media strategy in place that is delivering the results you want (awesome! You’ve already got what the membership delivers)


You’re right, there’s  a lot of free resources out there from Rach but those are only tiny pieces of the massive puzzle that is social media success.

The membership is where Rach reveals an advanced content strategy organized with a clear step-by-step blueprint so you have with clarity and strategies that work right now!


Do you want to grow organically while posting what feels genuine to you? No more chasing trends and checking out what everyone else is doing.


This membership helps you create content day in and day out that fits around your schedule and connects with your audience by giving you a framework that lets your creativity shine and gets you results.

Of course! That is what the live mentorship group calls were created for.

All we ask is that you look through the existing trainings first before requesting something new.

1:1 access to Rach is not included in the Creator Catch-Up Membership. But you will be supported by the team along with an engaged community of creators, as well as having monthly group mentorship calls with Rach, plus occasional guest coaches.

1 month is all you have to commit to.  You will get access to hours of trainings, mentorship lessons, content ideas that resonate with you and a community of support. If by the end of that time you want to opt out you are free to do so, no strings attached. But we’re sure you’ll want to stay.

I know what it's like...

Trying to piece together a strategy to grow on social media and no matter how hard you try you’re left with nothing to show for it.


Please know that you are far more successful than you think already.


You are putting in the work. You are showing up even when things get hard. You are so close. 


Let me help guide you step-by-step through this journey easier and faster. I can’t wait to see you inside the Creator Catch-Up Membership!