Mentorship with Rach

The best social media strategy is the one that gives you

clarity, consistent results & freedom

Every mentorship option on this page is designed to help you get clear, get seen, and get paid so you can build the thriving personal brand of your dreams & live the life you know is meant for you. You are not made to follow the current – you’re here to lead the way.

This was built for YOU

How to Get Started

Ready to get started as a content creator but not sure exactly what to do? Or tried to get started but feeling stuck? Then you need to be inside the Creator Catch-Up Membership.

How to Grow & Get Paid

Got your socials up and running, but need help monetizing your presence? The Content Attraction Program is for you to attract the results you want with your content.

How to Scale to 5-Figures

When you have a fully established social presence and bring in some income, but struggle to go beyond. Then there's only one place to be: high-touch 1:1 Private Mentorship.

You're in the right place!

If we haven’t met before, hi! I’m Rach. And I’ve helped countless creators who are feeling frustrated and stuck grow their social media presence to the level they’ve been daydreaming about at lightning speed.


I didn’t get where I am through the ‘average’ route. I went from all private social media accounts to over 100k followers in less than a year while ditching Law school and moving to the UK without a back-up plan.


Since then, I’ve grown even further, scaled from creator to CEO, and now I get to teach you how to do the same: hit higher and higher numbers of followers & sales, land dreamy brand deals and achieve the freedom you have desired for so long (and then some more).


But be warned, when you join me you make a commitment: you’re done playing small, it’s time to dream big and move BIGGER. You ready?