Personal Strategy

Create content that gets you giddy

& Show up on socials like a leader that knows their sh*t

Are you tired of feeling like you are speaking to a blank wall on social media?
Yeah, we ain’t about that life!
I want to show you how to lead in your content, how to feel on fire when you hit POST because you know people are waiting for you and begging for more. 

Imagine never having to second guess yourself again, knowing all you have to do is show up and unleash your creativity – That’s what we’re doing!

In this private 60-min video consultation and Q&A session with me, I will be analysing your profile and content to give you the juiciest social strategy that makes heads turn and let’s you finally sit back, relax and have some motherf*kin fun. You ready?

In April 2022 I said ‘I’m going all-in! I want to make my socials BLOW up and get $$$'

3 months later I was down two thousand pounds, staring at a pretty but blank content plan and obsessing over things that made no impact on my overall socials (changing the emojis on my bio, my profile picture, the color scheme of my feed, you get the vibe)


Press forward to April 2023

✓ I’ve got all my social content planned a month ahead of time

✓ a growing audience that shows up constantly liking my content

✓ excitement every time I hit POST because I know I’m making something soooo good, even if only one person sees it I’m changing their lives! 


And in case you never see me again, I wanna tell you how I did it.

Before I wrote down a single more post I asked myself: How am I knowledgeable and skilled in this topic? How does this help my ideal follower? And most importantly: What am I genuinely trying to say here? 


The reason you’re struggling to show up as a leader on your socials despite being amazing is because you either 

✗ don’t believe in yourself

✗ don’t trust your skills

✗ aren’t speaking to YOUR ideal followers

✗ are just plain ol’ beating around the bush


We’re so over doing that!


It’s time to surround yourself with the energy of F YES! I got this! and be lit up. It’s time to call in the perfect audience while you’re having some motherf*kin fun. LET’S GO!

What's waiting for you

A video consultation to analyze your content, your profile, the look and copy of your posts,

 and give you improvements you can start making today


A winning audience strategy based on social media SEO & marketing psychology


Tailored suggestions on how to make your social media stand out, attract more ideal followers,

 create potent conversions and position you as the leader you already are

Let's break it down

INSTAGRAM/TIKTOK ACCOUNT AUDIT ..….….…….………..….. Value £250

KEY AUDIENCE INSIGHTS ..….……..……….…….…..…….…….. Value £200


+ 30MIN Q&A ..……….…..……….….…..……….………….…….. Value £400

Total Value Inside


Your Total TODAY



No video recordings and/or audio recordings are allowed. This ensures your privacy while protecting our intellectual property.


You are always free (and encouraged!) to take written notes during the session to ensure you apply your learnings as soon as possible and start seeing amazing impact in your socials!

The techniques and resources shared work, but it is up to you to provide us with detailed information regarding your goals, challenges and limitations since any content creation strategy advice shared during a session is based on each individual. 


For this reason, and due to the immediate nature of the services provided, RachForADay does not offer refunds on coaching and/or consulting services.


For more information, visit our Terms & Condition here

If you are unable to make a session, a 48-hour re-schedule notice is required or session will be cancelled.