Private Mentoring

Scale your personal brand to 5-figures

It's time to meet your first 10k

You’ve got your eye on the ball

You have an amazing social media community

You’ve got some money coming in but…

Why is it so hard to hit 10k consistently?

You are ready for a higher level.


Everyone thinks it’s just about getting a few brand deals and you are a ‘real’ influencer. But you know there’s more to it.


There are completely new levels of success possible for you: thousands of dollars to be made, more people to help, an empire to build.


You won’t stop until you become the leader you are meant to be. 


But what you have right now won’t get you there. 


You need a new approach, a mentor who know what they’re talking about (because they have been where you are) and a serious plan to take you beyond your wildest dreams.


That’s where private mentoring with Rach comes in.

The 10k Mentor


Private mentorship with Rach is an exclusive high-touch, close-proximity experience for those who are ready to go from inconsistent income to 10k+ months – without burning out in the meantime.


We do not accept more than 10 people into private mentorship per year. But if you join, you’ll step into a whole new playing field of entrepreneurs that are dictating the rules of the game: you are the leader others follow. Are you ready for that?

Is this right for me?

Read carefully, because we do have a tight application process

YES if  …

  • You’re a content creator who has an established social media presence, and are making some income from it already – but crave MORE
  • You have brands email you but lots of not-so great deals. It’s time for you to play in the big leagues & you know it
  • You don’t have a team yet and your systems could use some work. You need an upgrade that runs automatically and saves you hours (so you can focus on money-making actions) 

NO if …

  • You are still struggling to grow your social media community (in which case the Creator Catch-Up Membership might be the best place to start)
  • Aren’t making any money from social media yet and are unsure of how to create content that gets you paid – the Setting Up For Success Masterclass is your first step to monetisation
  • Are expecting to hit multiple five-figure months but are afraid to invest in yourself to get there

No more figuring it out on your own

You are made for 5-figure private mentorship if:



  • You dream about consistent £10K+ months every day
  • You’re still hustling away in a day job but eager for more. You know one right move can leap you to be a fully established brand
  • You’re showing up everyday on social media, doing all the work in the background but your progress is slower than snail – time to put pedal to the metal
  • You’ve joined a few programs but they’ve left you to fill in the gaps on how to apply it to your unique strategy. You’re ready for real step-by-step insights
  • You’re craving room to breathe, a schedule that doesn’t leave you exhausted and are ready to make an impact that lights your soul on fire!

I've been there before...

Working hours on end trying to hit those big numbers that everyone in your feed is bragging about. Constantly comparing yourself to people on a whole other level.


We’re not doing that anymore: it’s time to focus on you and what you want to achieve.


Give yourself permission to trust your vision, let go of where you are at now and invest at the level you want to be in!


The moment I did that, every decision came easy, my energy was focused, I was having fun, and the money keeps flowing in. Are you ready for that?

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What to expect


Value £1’100


Value £14’000


Value Priceless


Value £5’500+ 



Value £10’000



Value £2’400

I want in, but...

Are you constantly talking about your content, your strategy and your ideas to your friends or family? They support you, but they don’t understand your passion, your drive. You are already craving more. 


Private mentorship is for self-led entrepreneurs like you who are ambitious, want deep conversations, strategies that work for your unique goals and someone who can help you get to a higher level.

This is a 6-month minimum commitment. Anything shorter would not give you the true level of support you need to grow and scale your brand to the consistent 5-figure months you’ve been dreaming of as you stare into this screen and imagine the life you could lead.


This isn’t a quick course or something you skip out on 2 months down the line. This is accountability, support and partnership made for you. That means you have to be in it for the long run and we give you all the support you need to make that commitment to yourself and your future.

Yes, you can secure a spot via a deposit and pay in full or monthly payments once your mentorship starts. However, we do not hold spots for longer than 2 months.


If you’re going to want Rach’s help to grow your personal brand, why wait and postpone the results you could see as soon as tomorrow?

Yes! Send me a DM on Instagram @rachforaday. I’ll answer all your questions, and we’ll decide together if this is right for you. You’re not alone. Ever.

Investment Options

6 months


Pay in full £6’200


£320 deposit + 6 monthly payments £980

12 months


Pay in full £12’000


£500 deposit + 12 monthly payments £950